Apr 21

"It’s not going to be painless, but it will be good. Not painless, but good."

If our decision is based on comfort, would Jesus have gone on the cross for us? And where would we be? If love is just a feeling rather than a commitment. 

Apr 18

Psalm 139:11-12  #midnighthike #babyareyoudown

Psalm 139:11-12 #midnighthike #babyareyoudown

Apr 17

“Look at Jesus. He was perfect, right? And yet he goes around crying all the time. He is always weeping, a man of sorrows. Do you know why? Because he is perfect. Because when you are not all absorbed in yourself, you can feel the sadness of the world. And therefore, what you actually have is that the joy of the Lord happens inside the sorrow. It doesn’t come after the sorrow. It doesn’t come after the uncontrollable weeping. The weeping drives you into the joy, it enhances the joy, and then the joy enables you to actually feel your grief without its sinking you.” 

Tim Keller, Walking with God through Pain and Suffering

Apr 13

"No one told me the right way to fall deep in love, but you held my heart in the right way, just like a gentleman." 

-Daniela Andrade, Gentleman

waiting game

I’m so good at it! 

Apr 11

They’re cool. #timbetold

They’re cool. #timbetold

Apr 08

2 years, all the failure and success, all the pain and joy, the heartbreaks and breaking hearts, the hopelessness and miracles, healing and restoration, growth and triumph. Take all of my heart, for I you have died for me and to You I owe my life! Blessed be Your name! 

2 years and counting :) 

Apr 07

don’t want easy, I want crazy 

are you with me baby, let’s get crazy

asldkfjalksdjfds okay you win

Apr 05