Sep 01

Day 3 I’m thankful for:

1. Church! Rock of ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee! I also appreciate the diversity in my church. Helps me see a bigger picture of God’s heart. 

2. IKEA. Disneyland of furnitures. Not to mention the food. Heavenly. 

3. Charles! (woah surprise surprise that I still say that) for he responded to me so positively. That gave me hope that the rebuilding of our friendship will be ok. 

Aug 31

Day 2 I’m thankful for:

1. extended quiet time, I’m getting there, just a little bit longer, bear with me Jesus

2. Rachita, for being there for me, for caring for me, for distracting me with your problem and taking my mind completely off of my own worries. 

3. Technology. It allows me to catch up with beloved friends from 400 miles away! 


Aug 05


poison & wine - the civil wars


poison & wine - the civil wars

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Jul 17


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Jul 08