Sep 16


funfetti cake with marzipan bunting.


funfetti cake with marzipan bunting.

Sep 14

“I’m think I’m just learning to be everyone else”

“sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world, i feel like i can’t take it, and my heart’s just going to cave in” — american beauty

“"of the things they possessed in common, greatest of all was their almost uncanny pull at each other’s hearts.” -f. scott fitzgerald”

Sep 13

Day 13 (wed 9/10)

1. Discussions. I really like my discussions. I finally feel somewhat smart in classes for once! This semester is not too shabby. 

Day 14 (thurs 9/11) 

1. Med students at pre-health decal. They gave my academic life a new hope. 

2. Classes. I really like my classes. 

3. Shannon for sleeping over! :D Even though it’s very short, one day during the weekday type of thing, but it’s so relaxing. She reminds me of home because we’re both from Fullerton! 

Day 15 (friday 9/12)

1. Staff at Tang center, they’re so friendly and caring! I want to be a healthcare provider like that in the future!

2. Money. I’m thankful that I have just enough money to feel rick once in a while. I’m thankful for the luxury I live in, I’m thankful that I allow myself to splurge once in a while. Banana Republic is so good. I probably have the fashion sense of a 27-35 year old hahah. 

3. Epic friday fellowship night. So blessed by these people again :)

4. MOON CAKES! And mom. She sent me moon cakes from socal. I can finally eat them now :) 

5. Friends who drive in Berkeley! I love you, you make my life so much easier. (That goes out to Vicky, Moon, Charles, Teryn… and 3 out of 4 of you drove me today! All in one day!) 

Day 12 I’m thankful for:

1. Really good talk with pastor Dennis and Karen. Really encouraging from their heart and their journey in renewing their church. And incredible coincidence (I don’t think so) how God is using them and their connections to bless me and to move me forward. I’m so excited for the next chapter of life. So excited. 

2. Sara Bareilles. I love your music. I love your sass. I love your honesty. I love your courage that pushes me to get through some hardest times in life. :) You are a wonderful human being. 

3. Epic Berkeley. I love you guys. I know I say I hate Charles and Dominick all the time, but man, you guys are so amazing and I am so incredibly blessed by you. I am really really really excited to be your friend for the next few years. 

4. God. God you are so good to me. When I’m always wondering where you are, why you are not responding, you answer me in the most unexpectedly ways, and yes, almost immediately. Your consolation is the joy of my soul. 

Sep 11


You find all the pretty people at Berkeley at cafes. 

Sep 09

Day 11 (mon 9/8) I’m thankful for:

1. philz coffee and a very good morning session with Vicky! and i woke up at 6!

2. went back to work! i forgot how to work. but i’m thankful that i have a job still lol. And went to eat at mcdonald for lunch.

3. RUN RUN RUN it was really scary, i’m pretty sure there were animals following me. It could be a mountain lion. But i’m alive!

Sep 08

Sometimes, I think about how amazing God is to me, and I couldn’t help but cry. It hasn’t even been a full week of school yet. 

Hahahaha awww we emotional beings.